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Hello and welcome to the Fitzgerald Family Fables! Whether this is your first time reading the blog or you're a returner, all are welcome. This story takes place in the universe of The Sims 4 , and I cannot wait to explore it and get to know it better. The rating for this blog will be PG-13 due to language and some of the themes the story may focus on. If the rating changes for a particular chapter, I will post it as part of the title. Most of the writing will be Sims-driven, but some will be following a plot (currently planning on a 2:1 ratio here, but if that shifts this post will be updated to reflect that). It will also be in first-person perspective. Some of the themes for this blog may eventually include: LGBT+ issues/struggles, sexual themes (intimacy, violence, etc.), drinking problems, mental health struggles, and so forth. If any of these could be potentially triggering for you, I advise looking elsewhere or treading with caution. Now that all that fun stuff'
Recent posts

1.09: ...Put A Ring On It

A Long, Eventful Day Part One: Engagement Photoshoot Part Two: The Wedding But the wedding wasn't the only important thing happening in the Fitzgerald household... *** Mostly wordless, but I thought the pictures spoke for themselves. Also, Artie is officially a toddler now and I'm caught back up to gameplay. Next step: transfer save files from my Macbook to my desktop and play (hopefully through the end generation - aka up to the heir vote, though technically the heir won't take over until their young adulthood). Happy Holidays!

1.08: If You Like It...

Life's been good. Actually, scratch that. Life's been fantastic . Life with a newborn's been surprising easy, and I've totally  got this parenting thing down to, like, a science. ...okay, maybe not quite yet. But to be fair, science was my worst subject back when I was in school. And babies are a lot like Irishmen, as my Grandpa Ed used to say: give 'em a bottle and you'll solve all their problems. Granted, he was Irish, which was why it was fine for him to say that, but maybe he was onto something. As for my relationship with Joaquin, well, it's going as well as you'd expect - we're totally comfortable around one another, but then again that might have to do with the fact the only sink in the house is in the only bedroom of the house... But I'll give him this much - he's taking everything in stride and with a smile. Even if he is a weirdo that eats peas for breakfast. Though a

1.07: Two Becomes Three

"Something wrong, Brittany?" Joaquin asked. I paused. How was I supposed to tell him - like, "Surprise, I've been holding this huge-ass secret from you that's literally shaped my entire life and by the way you knocked me up?" Though now that I think about it, that would make a rather good title for a Drop Down Dudes song. "You know I'm always here for you, right?" More of a pause. "...Babe?" "So I've got something to tell you..." Unloading all my shit on Joaquin at once? Maybe not the smartest move. But hey, it had to happen sometime. Besides, if he was gonna back out, better now than after things escalated further than they already had. We sat there together for a few moments in silence - comfortable, with him contemplating the fact I'd literally appeared out of the goddamn sky one day and all that jazz with my mom and the fact we may or may not be parents in a few months, depending on what we d